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Who are we?

The Players were formed back in October 2007 by a small but committed group of amateur actors and completely inexperienced, enthusiastic newcomers, and since its inception the group has grown in numbers to around twenty active members. The Players have resurrected the amateur dramatic offering in Standlake, which has not had an acting group present for many years.The base for the burgeoning group is Standlake village hall, which has now had its stage transformed into a fully operational acting space, with black-outs, a back wall and swing flats.Read our constitution here.


What do we do?


The club were able to buy a full set of professional theatrical lighting in 2010, and improvements to the stage continue. With nine productions now under our belt, and record audiences enjoying our shows we feel in a strong position to continue to offer good quality theatre dinner evenings. We hope you enjoy reading about our theatre group, looking at our pictures and hopefully booking to come and see one of our shows in Standlake! For more information on our shows click here to e-mail us or call 01865 300545.

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